Friday, July 29, 2005

At one with my five portions of fruit and veg

Two posts in one day!

I've just had a really healthy lunch and am feeling holy.

That's all.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cutting along nicely

My gran will hate this "humid" weather. She will be sitting there complaining about her legs to her overfed and spoilt cat (My nephew's nemesis. It channels satan. It is not a nice cat. Look, it's not even a 'he'.).

Sudden pang of guilt as I haven't spoken to her for aaages.

On the other hand I am the favoured grandchild this six months, as my birthday card reached her on time, as opposed to the ones from the rest of my family.

Blimey. Friday again already. Last night went out to a bar on The Cut, by the Old Vic theatre, to meet up with lady B and lady D. Really nice place. Music not too loud to talk, which was grand as we had some serious catching up to do with B. She's had a boyf since Christmas and we've only just found out. Whoops! But otherwise all good.

We were all knackered though, so left at about 9.40 to toddle home. The Northern Line went tits up when I got to Kennington (a points failure: how deliciously passé!) so I had to walk from there to Clapham. I now have more blister than right foot. That'll learn me for wearing smart shoes on a whim.

I was a bit morose when I got home, as it's really hit home that D is going away for possibly the best part of year in a matter of days. I have known D for just a gnat's chuff under ten years, and this makes me sad. But we have fun things planned for the next few weeks. Hoyesss.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

GoldenBoz: In-Vogue Agent (ouch...)

Flatmate (I have two, I must come up with a way to differentiate between them. Let's call this one 'Flatmate the N') the N has just bought 'Goldeneye: Rogue Agent'...

Fantastic! We're loving some mindless, shooty-shooty gaming fun round our place. ("It's good to be immature in Bond's world"). Boz is having much satisfaction venting anger and frustration from work in a harmlessly violent way. Tra-la-laaah.

The first Goldeneye game definied a lot of my uni time. Whoops.

It is a bit sad that the most exciting thing going on right now is a computer game though. Is it?!

Talking of things Fantastic though, went to see Fantastic 4 (or 'phwoar') with a mate the other night, after a really nice dinner. It was, essentially, a bit pants. But it was pants that are a lot of fun. Some of the cgi was dreadful, but on the whole it was a laugh. Can I contradict myself more?

Wow. I've think I've devolved into my 14 year old self. Wicked!

Except, obviously, I would never have said wicked when I was 14.

Saw a trailer for the new Herbie Lovebug film - why? WHY? - which looks so naff. And then yesterday on the way home from work I passed Steve Jones filming a segment for T4 Sunday outside Channel 4 offices with... the new Herbie car...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Dancing feet

Okay I was very definitely planning on having some more pictures up here by now, but our flat has been cursed by Bulldog broadband provider, and until we re-connect to BT (we're sorry, we're sorry, we shall never stray from your telecommunications path again...) then there's no t'internet for us. Bah.

Other than this spent the weekend in various states of mental disarray, either brought about by sleep or alcohol or both! First time I've been out dancing in ages. Much fun. Though typically while under the influence of drink I managed to upset a close friend - not a very clever or nice thing to do.

Was really busy in town though and we had to queue for aaaaages to get in. Haven't had to do that for a while. Boring. Found myself at 4.30am dancing semi-amorously (well, as much as you can be at 4.30am after several million drinks) with a good friend of an Ex, who I had not seen since splitting up with Ex after v short relationship. Is this bad form? I've been mulling this one over and I don't think so. We did not kiss or anything, so I think it was just fun.

Bypassed Sunday really. I'm told it was quite nice. Does dancing continuously for several hours count as a work out? No. I thought not.

Loving the new Gorillaz tune - 'Dare'. And the video. That's Shaun Ryder's head being danced around, that is. Genius.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Living the dream

Hmm? What's that?

Yes, yes. I have been off-radar for a while, my darlings.

I have been furthering my ultra-cool existence with a series of all-night spectatculars and low-key, exclusive gatherings of elite personages. Be-decked in outfits that would make the average fashionista just hang up their three-in-one haircuts and go home to sit on the sofa in their dressing gown, wepeing into their cocoa, we have been pushing the boundaries of twenty-first century international living with class, sophistication and an enormous amount of fun.

What's that? What do you say? No, no, how quaint of you... nothing to do with a certain scar-bearing teenage fictional wizard... no, how silly of you...

What this? Oh it's just a gift for my... hey! Hey, give that back! GIVE IT BACK! I have to lend that book to someone...

Okay. But I really also have been getting trollied this weekend for all-day birthdays, rolling around on the faux-grass outside the national theatre, loving the new shiny CD and stuff I purrr-chased over the w/e, seeing world-class puppetry performances and... winning the pub quiz on Sunday with flatmate and friends.

I've never won a pub quiz!

Handclaps all round.

Top weekend.

Friday, July 15, 2005

You're right tasty, you are

ARGH. HELP. I have that James Blunt song stuck in my head and it won't go away it won't go it won't go away it won't it won't...

Don't think I have anything else of interest to say today.

It's Friday! Can I get a whoop-whoop?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ug ug ug

....mmmm work and a hangover. Always fun. Crashing on...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


People, people, people... what is going on?!

How can it be possible that Craig, the mooby one in the Big Brother house is STILL BLOODY IN THERE. I'm convinced that he's only hanging on because, aside from this week's strange, fate-like nominations, Craig spends any free moment rubbing someone's foot/back/head/ego in the desperate hope that they won't nominate him for eviction.

Charlie Brooker has the definitive assessment of Craig: "Listening to him is like lying in your own coffin, hearing rainwater seep through the cracks.". See the rest of his vitriol here.

Although avoiding it himself, Craig himself is the curse of death-slash-eviction. You think he would have learnt. Having polished off Lindsey, and by definition Team Britney after Vanessa, in a rare moment of cunning escaped to Team Makosi-slash-diva, he is now slowly picking off the last remaining members of Team Saskia. Anthony is the only one left, and is already looking worriedly around at the other flatmates in the hope one of them might talk to him properly again.

We're trying to calm down to watching only one episode a day in our flat. It's quite hot, so sitting around doing nothing has become disturbing easy. With BB on you don't even have to make small talk; there's people in the magic box in the corner who will do it for you. And then they provide stuff like this that you can rant on about after... just like this... oh...

I need to get out more, people.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Words! Images! Who knows - maybe one day Sound!

First there were words and then there were PICTURES!

We have the technology. Okay so the picture is a bit pants (name that tube station, kids!), but look it's a start okay? I mean this isn't Blow Up. Although I did wake up this morning thinking about David Hemmings.

There will be more, I promise.

Bit sad today. Contemplating a near future without my bezziemate, who is selfishly flying out to South America, possibly for up to a year.

Though obviously am v excited if v v jealous for them!

Monday, July 11, 2005


There has been enough conjecture on last Thursday and it's horrendousness, so I'm buttoning my lip until I have anything decent to say.

In other news...

Advertising genius. It's got a TV-AM-esque clock and everything. Although rumour reaches us that Rusty was due to stand as an MP for UKIP or Veritas, or some such type party, which obviously is Bad News. But maybe we were lied to.

Found myself wandering through a part of town I hadn't been around for a long time this weekend. Got a little nostalgic, I have to admit. But meandering along beside the river, nursing a mild headache from the previous night's dinner party* and thinking thinks from almost ten years ago was no bad thing. Although in part the nostalgia was bred by my iPod's BritPop section.

* c'mon kids! Let's use food as an excuse for sitting around, pontificating on the universe and killing some more braincells! Yey!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Surreal times

Okay so I can't really not talk about yesterday. One of those very surreal days that sometimes just happen out of nowhere.

Sitting in our office we more or less just watched the day unfold on TV. Very quiet outside, apart from sirens screaming around. We’re close to Scotland Yard, so a few areas were roped off.

Things like this have happened before – whether by human design or accident. They are horrible. They will probably happen again. Of course those who did this must be sought and brought to justice – but I really hope it doesn’t lead to any acts of senseless, egotistical revenge.

Deep inside, it felt a little bit like being a kid again, when we occasionally got let out of school early because of bomb threats. But people died yesterday, and others suffered panic, fear and injury.

I can’t really think of anything else to say. I don’t want to get pithy or prosaic about this, but walking home (the tube network was shut) it appears that Londoners had responded to times of crisis and attack in the traditional way.

We went to the pub.

Take care loves!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Employee morals

Is it wrong to want to fall asleep at your work desk after lunch? is it?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Global events, booze and Elijah Wood freaking me out

Right so another weekend disappears into the void then.
What happened to summer?
Watched Live8 on telly yesterday with flatmates. Better than I thought, I have to admit. But it does bug me a little that everyone keeps referring to it as a history-changing moment before it’s happened. Lord only knows how they managed to organise everything in such a short space of time. I suppose it shows what can be done. And how little Bobby G must sleep. Got a text from the parentals halfway through when I pointed out that he shouldn’t have returned to sing (wow I sound curmudgeonly). They pointed out that they were of the mind that he should never have started, but he can organise a good gig.
As if faintly aware they shouldn’t draw attention to themselves while major human rights and anti-poverty demonstrations happen across the globe, the Big Brother house has been v quiet this weekend. Probably because Team Saskia are in recovery from the loss of their leader…
Also went to see Sin City yesterday. Had no idea Frodo could be so scarily and fantastically creepy.
Much fun on Friday night. Friend moving out of her flat. To help her have less to pack we finished a bottle of rum, the last of a bottle of Pimms and made a further dent on the cointreau. Marvellous. And only a slight headache the next day - spirits are the way forward people.
Other than this I have spent the weekend reading Jasper Fforde and loving it.