Monday, July 25, 2005

Dancing feet

Okay I was very definitely planning on having some more pictures up here by now, but our flat has been cursed by Bulldog broadband provider, and until we re-connect to BT (we're sorry, we're sorry, we shall never stray from your telecommunications path again...) then there's no t'internet for us. Bah.

Other than this spent the weekend in various states of mental disarray, either brought about by sleep or alcohol or both! First time I've been out dancing in ages. Much fun. Though typically while under the influence of drink I managed to upset a close friend - not a very clever or nice thing to do.

Was really busy in town though and we had to queue for aaaaages to get in. Haven't had to do that for a while. Boring. Found myself at 4.30am dancing semi-amorously (well, as much as you can be at 4.30am after several million drinks) with a good friend of an Ex, who I had not seen since splitting up with Ex after v short relationship. Is this bad form? I've been mulling this one over and I don't think so. We did not kiss or anything, so I think it was just fun.

Bypassed Sunday really. I'm told it was quite nice. Does dancing continuously for several hours count as a work out? No. I thought not.

Loving the new Gorillaz tune - 'Dare'. And the video. That's Shaun Ryder's head being danced around, that is. Genius.

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