Sunday, July 03, 2005

Global events, booze and Elijah Wood freaking me out

Right so another weekend disappears into the void then.
What happened to summer?
Watched Live8 on telly yesterday with flatmates. Better than I thought, I have to admit. But it does bug me a little that everyone keeps referring to it as a history-changing moment before it’s happened. Lord only knows how they managed to organise everything in such a short space of time. I suppose it shows what can be done. And how little Bobby G must sleep. Got a text from the parentals halfway through when I pointed out that he shouldn’t have returned to sing (wow I sound curmudgeonly). They pointed out that they were of the mind that he should never have started, but he can organise a good gig.
As if faintly aware they shouldn’t draw attention to themselves while major human rights and anti-poverty demonstrations happen across the globe, the Big Brother house has been v quiet this weekend. Probably because Team Saskia are in recovery from the loss of their leader…
Also went to see Sin City yesterday. Had no idea Frodo could be so scarily and fantastically creepy.
Much fun on Friday night. Friend moving out of her flat. To help her have less to pack we finished a bottle of rum, the last of a bottle of Pimms and made a further dent on the cointreau. Marvellous. And only a slight headache the next day - spirits are the way forward people.
Other than this I have spent the weekend reading Jasper Fforde and loving it.

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