Wednesday, July 27, 2005

GoldenBoz: In-Vogue Agent (ouch...)

Flatmate (I have two, I must come up with a way to differentiate between them. Let's call this one 'Flatmate the N') the N has just bought 'Goldeneye: Rogue Agent'...

Fantastic! We're loving some mindless, shooty-shooty gaming fun round our place. ("It's good to be immature in Bond's world"). Boz is having much satisfaction venting anger and frustration from work in a harmlessly violent way. Tra-la-laaah.

The first Goldeneye game definied a lot of my uni time. Whoops.

It is a bit sad that the most exciting thing going on right now is a computer game though. Is it?!

Talking of things Fantastic though, went to see Fantastic 4 (or 'phwoar') with a mate the other night, after a really nice dinner. It was, essentially, a bit pants. But it was pants that are a lot of fun. Some of the cgi was dreadful, but on the whole it was a laugh. Can I contradict myself more?

Wow. I've think I've devolved into my 14 year old self. Wicked!

Except, obviously, I would never have said wicked when I was 14.

Saw a trailer for the new Herbie Lovebug film - why? WHY? - which looks so naff. And then yesterday on the way home from work I passed Steve Jones filming a segment for T4 Sunday outside Channel 4 offices with... the new Herbie car...

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Damascus said...

Hmmm... Fantastic 4, eh? I especially liked the bit where The Human Torch took his top off. Hubba.