Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Living the dream

Hmm? What's that?

Yes, yes. I have been off-radar for a while, my darlings.

I have been furthering my ultra-cool existence with a series of all-night spectatculars and low-key, exclusive gatherings of elite personages. Be-decked in outfits that would make the average fashionista just hang up their three-in-one haircuts and go home to sit on the sofa in their dressing gown, wepeing into their cocoa, we have been pushing the boundaries of twenty-first century international living with class, sophistication and an enormous amount of fun.

What's that? What do you say? No, no, how quaint of you... nothing to do with a certain scar-bearing teenage fictional wizard... no, how silly of you...

What this? Oh it's just a gift for my... hey! Hey, give that back! GIVE IT BACK! I have to lend that book to someone...

Okay. But I really also have been getting trollied this weekend for all-day birthdays, rolling around on the faux-grass outside the national theatre, loving the new shiny CD and stuff I purrr-chased over the w/e, seeing world-class puppetry performances and... winning the pub quiz on Sunday with flatmate and friends.

I've never won a pub quiz!

Handclaps all round.

Top weekend.

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