Wednesday, July 13, 2005


People, people, people... what is going on?!

How can it be possible that Craig, the mooby one in the Big Brother house is STILL BLOODY IN THERE. I'm convinced that he's only hanging on because, aside from this week's strange, fate-like nominations, Craig spends any free moment rubbing someone's foot/back/head/ego in the desperate hope that they won't nominate him for eviction.

Charlie Brooker has the definitive assessment of Craig: "Listening to him is like lying in your own coffin, hearing rainwater seep through the cracks.". See the rest of his vitriol here.

Although avoiding it himself, Craig himself is the curse of death-slash-eviction. You think he would have learnt. Having polished off Lindsey, and by definition Team Britney after Vanessa, in a rare moment of cunning escaped to Team Makosi-slash-diva, he is now slowly picking off the last remaining members of Team Saskia. Anthony is the only one left, and is already looking worriedly around at the other flatmates in the hope one of them might talk to him properly again.

We're trying to calm down to watching only one episode a day in our flat. It's quite hot, so sitting around doing nothing has become disturbing easy. With BB on you don't even have to make small talk; there's people in the magic box in the corner who will do it for you. And then they provide stuff like this that you can rant on about after... just like this... oh...

I need to get out more, people.

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