Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Words! Images! Who knows - maybe one day Sound!

First there were words and then there were PICTURES!

We have the technology. Okay so the picture is a bit pants (name that tube station, kids!), but look it's a start okay? I mean this isn't Blow Up. Although I did wake up this morning thinking about David Hemmings.

There will be more, I promise.

Bit sad today. Contemplating a near future without my bezziemate, who is selfishly flying out to South America, possibly for up to a year.

Though obviously am v excited if v v jealous for them!

1 comment:

Damascus said...

I say it's Richmond tube. And I know it's sad that your bezzie is leaving, but just think of all the wonderful adventures s/he will have! And I'm sure you'll have plenty of other folk to play with...