Friday, August 05, 2005

Anticipation. And fish curry.

Three hours until I have a week off. A WEEK OFF. First annual leave since January. I could almost weep with happiness.

The best bit is I have nothing planned for most of the week. It'll fly by but a delicious, whole week of mooching around doing my own thing. Mmmmmmmmbrilliant.

Hopefully I'll get around to some cultural stuff too, so you nevever know, you might find something of interest up here.

Of course I have huge stack of work to do before I can escape...

Made a fish curry last night for Lady D and the flatmates. Was pretty chuffed, as I'm not much of an adventurous cook, I tend to stick to what I know. I shamelessly stole it from a TV programme we had watched the night before and the recipe can be found at the Full On Food site here.

Then we watched the Royal Tennenbaums, which is definitely one of my favourite films. I wish someone would just come in and colour-scheme my life like that for me, then shoot it with stunning photography and play it to superb music. My mum does look a bit like Angelica Houston I suppose.

Makes me nostalgic for New York and I haven't even BEEN to New York.

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