Monday, August 15, 2005

Back to "reality"

Cor blimey. What a weekend.

Party turned out very well despite the best attempts of the British weather to put a dampener on things. After the third Manhattan I ceased to care.

Really good mix of people - friends old and new. Inevitably with summer birthdays some people are always on holiday, but I had a grrrrreat time, and feel very lucky to have received some amazing presents, from people kind enough to make sure I got home safely.

Amazingly, woke up with only a minor hangover, and the perfect opportunity to ease it off listening to music in Marble Hill Park, for the 'goodbye' celebration of bezzie mate Lady D, before she heads off to Peru later this week.

I am going to miss her. A lot.

I wish I could say more. But it's my first day back in the office after my week off and my head is just not quite with it yet.

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