Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dusk, anyone? High in fat, low in fat? Dusk? Anyone?

Am mare-ing a bit over arrangements for birthday party with Lady L. Neither of us massively want to celebrate in a big way. Everyone seems to be giving birthdays a miss this year, as most of our mates hover in the nondescript zone that is the mid-to-late-twenties.

We'll be happy with just a corner of bar somewhere. I'm sure we'll end up like last year though, with at least one of us vomiting down the side of a building from a window two floors up. There are some worrying blank patches from the Boom Bar, St John's Hill, August 2004...

So far we have checked out The Key and Dusk bar, both in the Clapham/Battersea region. The Key was nice, but a bit wee. Dusk bar was lovely, but pricey (our friends are cheap and we love them) and miles away from anyway. Ho hum. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Also we're both used to summer birthdays when everyone is away on holiday. Still, it makes for an ecletic mix of people.

It'll all be good. I have next week off work so if we have Broadband back in the flat I can keep you updated with all the enthralling details. I promise this blog will eventually live up to its 'adventures' title.

Flatmate the C came back from France last night with the most amazing amount of alcohol. As flatmate N pointed out - if there is a fire in our flat in the next few weeks we might take out most of the road.

Er. Sorry about the post title. Couldn't resist.

I realise I haven't updated you on my brilliant w/e. After checking out venues with Lady L on Friday evening, spent saturday practicing my impression of a domestic god (okay, I repotted some plants. I was bored, my flatmates were both away). Then went out to celebrate the last shift of Damascus working in a certain well-known Clapham drinking establishment. Haven't laughed so much in ages.

Then spent Sunday morning with my head down a toilet. Hey-ho. And I thought sticking to vodka all night would help.

Recovered in time to visit my sister and nephews before they go on holiday for a week. I was the youngest in my family for ages, so it's a bit scary watching kids (sorry, "young people") grow up. I keep thinking, oh yeah, I remember that bit. Really lovely to see them all though. Then a chilled out Sunday evening with flatmate N. Ace!

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