Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lunch musing

It is a beautiful day outside.

I am here behind a desk. On my own. In the office.


Still I have piles of exciting work to keep me occupied this afternoon. Thrilling phone calls to make and exciting documents to read. Or something.

But do you know what, I actually should not complain. I've just had a reeeeally nice email from a friend down in Sussex who is about to move with her boyfriend to Tunbridge Wells ("I know... T.Wells... Twinned with StuckUpBaden - No Gays, No Tramps, No Public Expression of Fun...") to live with his dad. Her youngest baby is running through a series of stressful, disjointed and above all long NHS tests to discover the cause of what appears to be a sight problem. She hasn't had a night out with her man in two years... who am I to moan??

AND she still managed to send me a really nice birthday card. I'm barely that organised with my family.

Think happy thoughts.

Final series of Six Feet Under starts on E4 tonight. I have been an addict since it started but have a feeling I will only catch this final series intermittently. A shame as I still love it.

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