Thursday, August 25, 2005

Out there... somewhere

Sorry - not many posts this week. Not a lot going on. Busy times at work, but I'm trying just to think about the Bank Holiday weekend without making too many fixed plans. Maybe I'll head to the cinema, as there seem to be some interesting stuff around at the moment. S'quite nice not having masses planned. Or maybe I'm just getting old and boring...


Killing some time playing around in the fancy-schmancy semi-psychedelic flash thing from the Lost series, Lost Untold .

It's a bit fun. And shiny.

The laptop has been shipped!! Whoo-hoo! It's out there... somewhere... But I'm not holding out much hope it'll reach me tomorrow, before the weekend.

AVOCADO WATCH: We now have a root of nearly 2cms. I'm so proud.

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