Thursday, September 15, 2005

Corporate terror

Horror of the week: tomorrow is our company... gulp... Away Day.

Oh it sounds so beguilingly 'jolly', doesn't it? Like a picnic by the seaside.

Still, it's not as bad as a mate of mine. Once every year they force out in the fresh air to play team games. Can't be having with that. It's not natural. It's a workplace, for crying out loud. They even give everyone the teams in advance so they can... practice.


Can you imagine having to play rounders for the first time since you were nine with Fran from accounts? Not that we have a Fran in accounts. Fran's hypothetical. Poor Fran. It's the chair she's got, you know.

Luckily all we have to do is troop up to my bosses place in the country (on a Friday. Hmmm. I see what she's done there, the cunning minx) and chat about... well us, really.

But it has meant I've had to do all my week's work in just under four days. Bumtits.

To get me through this trauma I've been listening to Diffusion's ridiculously silly and sublime bootleg of the Chemical and Righteous Bros, which can be found in all its silly gloriousness here.

I also have a few good things on Friday night to look forward to, which I will shove up here over the weekend.

There is a distinct whiff of Autumn in the air.

(Boz adopts pose of soothsayer-come-commuter. Lightening flashes. Thunder rolls.)


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