Friday, September 30, 2005

Party politicals

Actual politics aside, does anyone else find it incredibly depressing when an 82 year old man is forcibly ejected by three heavies from a party conference? I mean, hello? How paranoid are we about a little well-earned criticism?

Bah. I do hate the way politicians are 'protected' from the people whose lives they govern. Besides, it was his own party conference, after all. It's not like he was there as a Tory interloper. I know they have to do their job 'n all, but the Prime Minister of Sweden just lives in an ordinary house on an ordinary street. No special treatment for him. He is just a man, doing a job. In Swedish.

Talking of which it's the Tory conference next week, which I'm sure will be really just about sizing each other up and making loud noises about becoming leader.

Come along children, play nicely.

I have been a bit unwell this week. I realised I was a touch dehydrated when I managed to force out a tiny bit of wee that was roughly the colour of earwax. And almost the consistency. Nice...

Right. I'm off to book my Bon Jovi tickets for Wembley (nonotreallyyousillies).


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Boz said...

Oh how well you know me, anonymous...