Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Splat, slice, stab, impale and fry

Splendid and tremendous* evening with Mark last night. We went to see Theatre of Blood at the National Theatre. It was a fabulous gothic riot of blood, gore, Shakespeare and high camp. And it was superbly funny.

The basic plot - based on a 1973 film - is simple; an embittered actor, his career killed off by savage reviews and awards rejection, invites a group of drama critics to an old and abandoned theatre, and slowly bumps them off by enacting upon them deaths from Shakespeare. Jim Broadbent steals the show as the vengeful Edward Lionhart. It had a very knowing side-plot about the National Theatre being constructed that was quite vicious.

I loved it, and can't do it justice here, so have a gander at this.

Incidentally I stole the above ToB image from the lovely Airside. Who are in part the alsoverylovely Lemon Jelly who Mark and I saw back in 2004 at the Forum. Yes. Could I get any more links into this post?


Look! Roots! Stalk bits! A general air of expectation and excitement!

Clearly I will have to re-home this soon. How exciting. A bit.

* I am in no way Alan Partridge. A bit.


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