Friday, October 07, 2005

Ernie II: The Chalk's Revenge


And you thought there would be no links between posts on this blog... hah...

A cascade of rubbishness is descending from the sky across the happy-camper parade of life. The flat alone contains a trinity of bad days. Missing mobiles, traumatic haircuts and exploding cars. No, really.

In the pub last weekend though, as we watched our quiz team fail miserable (though we aced the picture round - small weeny victories) this website was waved under my nose (conversationally) - it is amazing. I cannot wait to try the next time one of us lapses into la-la land. Heh heh heh...

Right, anyway. Life - where were we? Spectacularly good-little-boy-routine last week when I went to stay with Grannie-Boz:

"I just got a few things in as I knew you were coming down."

Jesus Holy Crikey.

Really nice time out of London though, catching up on a funky little town I haven't been to in far, far too long. It sounds daft, but it smelt the same, and was very evocative. Grannie-Boz on ace form.

The rest of the week is a blur, though did go and see a couple of Mae West films with Mark at the NFT. Especially rated Night After Night, in which everyone says her role is tiny, but she really does steal everything but the cameras.

Atta girl.

Obviously, big news of the month is that the Will-Emma-Ed storyline has finally peaked.

It's Friday night. I'm knackered. I'm done here.


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