Monday, October 24, 2005

Look! From war atrocities to TV shopping in a single bound!

What's a going-on? No posts for ages then so many in a short space of time!?

Okay. But this time I have the picture file here and not at work, so it makes to do this this evening.

THIS is the latest advert for Unicef in Belgium (not much point in posting a link to the Belgium Unicef site. I mean, it's not like this site gets a lot of traffic. I can be pretty certain not a single person from Belgium has been to these pages.). It's to help make children aware of the horrors and reality of war.

I think it's really good. Bravo Unicef.

In unrelated news...


Why is there always just one attractive student in every episode of University Challenge?
Why is everyone with heavy make-up in Eastenders always evil?

Ah. It seems QVC can help with the last one:

Bless 'em.

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