Sunday, November 27, 2005

Freakishly childish and loving it thanks

Several thoughts have consolidated at once and made me realise that under the surface I really am still about six years old.

Namely, I can't help changing pop song lyrics in my head into school boy humour.

For example...

Kylie - In Your Eyes
is transformed in Boz-land to...

"It's in your flies,
I can tell what you're thinking,
my part is thinking it to.

Between your thighs,
I can tell where it's sticking,
Covered like it is in Pooh."

Animotion / Sugababes - Obsession
becomes the seedier...

"You are an obsession,
You are my obsession!
Who do you want me to be?
To make you pee on me?"

Mark caught me singing that one in the kitchen yesterday. Ad infinitum. There are many more. Oh god there are more. Mostly involving switching the word 'you' (which crops up a LOT in pop songs) to 'pooh'. Hmmmm.

I think party of this stems from Uni. I had some friends who stopped drinking, smoking and debaunching long enough to troop off to Christian Summer Camp every year to entertain younger kids. Inevitably this involved coming up with song and dance routines to pop music, but changing the lyrics to a Christian theme. It became a hobby.

One day, if you're lucky, I might treat you to a rousing verse of Hit Me Jesus, One More Time or Tragedy like you've never heard it before ("Died for me! Washed away my sins and saved me soul he died for me!").


Anybody got any others??

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