Monday, November 07, 2005

Infant genius

"I require a window seat and an inflight Happy Meal, and no pickles! God help you if I find pickles!"

More Stewie and other inspired Family Guy quotes here.

Okay so Boz drank a lot at the weekend, but still managed to participate enough in Sunday's pub quiz to help us stride quite comfortably to fourth place (pride. fall. before. comes. Arrange as you please).

Parental dog threw biggest canine hissy fit with fireworks going off everywhere. Luckily mum and dad are getting rid of that door anyway. And that skirting board. Hey ho. Other than this rural Wiltshire continues fun and full of lesbians. What is about the further West you head?! Hahahaha!

Pontification ahoy.

Work is going to be a mare this week (I moan too much, I know) and I'm just too tired to type anymore today.


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