Friday, December 09, 2005

Boz's Current Best Things

These are some of the things Boz likes best at the moment.

December 2005.

1. Chloe O'Brian

Boz has only just had this whole 24 thing properly brought to his attention by Mark. It's Brilliant. Have started at season 4, and Chloe - aka Gruntface - (played by Mary Lynn Rajskub) is the best thing about it. The sheer geekery of it all is genius. With dialogue like "no it's your job to check the hourlies" flying around, it's easy to forget the US is supposed to be on the brink of nuclear meltdown.

When she's asked to do a 'field mission' it typically all goes tits up and the goddess of the laptops ends up barricading herself and a witness (plus laptop) into a laundry room.

"Don't you have a gun?"
"I work with computers!"

But gruntface saves the day, first by locking herslef into a car, then by unloaded several rounds into a poor terrorist...


And Chloe is the one who breaks the drama of Air Force One crashing. Ooooo.

2. Christmas campery


It'll end in tears though. You mark my words.

3. The Great Blog Story capably managed by that Vitriolica lady. Magic.

4. Video gaming as release

Heh heh heh heh!

Perfect for unleasing work fuelled agression. Boom! Crash! Tinkle! Wicked!

5. My New Diary

Because very soon this strange-strange year will be O.V.A.H. and a whole raft of possibility extends before us like a big empty field of potential. Oooo again, we say.

Less Adrian Mole, probably more Teenage Health Freak.

6. Molesworth

Rediscovering a comfortable joy. As any fule no.

Although cripes, when did Boz start sounding a like a Telegraph critic? Eek! I realise this is whole thing is rather influenced by The Measure.


7. My annoying new ringtone

Because it's good to know you're ready and you're wide awake! So on your marks and GET SET GO!!

Really. This faux childhood must end. I'm 26. I mean, really... although...

8. Routemasters

But, I accept that nostalgia is no way to run a bus service, and if you already get around on smaller wheels rather than feet, then they're not too useful. But dammit if it's good enough for Sir Cliff...

9. More of...

...anything you like, with the left of centre search engine thingy. Mark - Boz salutes you!!

But, best of all this Friday evening.....

10. Unexpected phone calls from friends far, far away.


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