Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hello Lomo

I have been presented with the technology!

I have been given a Lomo LC-A Russian camera. This is a whole new thing for me and I am very excited. I have been learning all about it at the Lomographic Society International.

It looks so cool! I love Soviet technology. I used to have a really cool old Russian watch I loved. My dad had a few too, before me. One of which is buried somewhere in the Arizona desert. It has this great old-school little indicator in the viewfinder that shows you what distance setting its set to by flicking between some properly retro diddy little icons.


At the very least, it means the family Christmas will be presented in tunnel-effect, colour drenched and luminous pictures. And this year it won't just be how much we drank when we took them.

Expect to see evidence here as soon as I can get it up!

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