Monday, January 16, 2006

Doom and excitement all in one go

Why is it just as one big mountain of work disappears beneath the horizon, another one hoves into view, spewing molten lava in about-to-go-supernova style?

We have two weeks to organise our office move. Argh. On top of everything else that's happening. Argh.

Still - I made a start today. I threw out several Yellow Pages and Thompson Directories. From 2001.

Oh good grief.

But at the moment we're still in state of blind calm about it all. It's two weeks. It's fine. We can do that. It'll happen. It's fine. Talk to me in a week when we're crapping kittens. Actual kittens.

Ahhh, it'll be okay.

Got some Lomo pictures developed - they came out really well. I'm super-chuffed. Matty is getting them scanned at his work (coz it would take years at my office - and he might get a minion to do it. I want minions. Mmmmm, minions.) so I will put some up as soon as it happens. Watch this virtual space.

But I haven't shared with you my big news. I may jinx it yet, but rumour has it that BOZ IS HITTING THE ROAD! Or, more specifically, the jetstreams. In a matter of six weeks or so - I'M FLYING TO SOUTH AMERICA. For two weeks. Limited run. Evening shows and matinees. Limited tickets available. Book now to avoid disappointment... Boz and Lady D back together and on tour. Stand back blogosphere!

Sorry... but it's a whole new continent for me. I'm a bit excited. You can tell by the capitals an exclamation marks.

Can I get a whoop-whoop?

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