Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jonathan, Geoffrey & Venus

Look at Geoffrey C! My. Hasn't he grown.

I was fretting for a bit because he was chronicallly dropping leaves everywhere, but the muv (queen of the jungle garden) pointed out that Geoffrey is a tree, not a plant or bush and therefore this was entirely normal. Oh yeah. You'd think I'd realise that, wouldnt you? Ah no.

That's his friend Venus he's next to, so-nicknamed because she seems to attract an abundance of small flies. Nice.

I really need to get out more.

Bit sad at the moment as have heard this week that the wonderful trinity of our flat is going to be broken; one of my flat mates is moving in with his lovely lady friend. This is totally brilliant for them, but will bring to an end the last two-and-a-half year era - which has been brilliant. It's very sad, but in a happy way. !?? Not happening for a few months, which is cool, but that was what I meant when I said 2006 was going to be about change.

Change is good! Alas I am not always good with change.

But had this from Mark, t'other flatmate, which made me larf no end:

Ooooo-hoooo! Hooo! Stop it! It's killing me!

Also perfect for mood-lifting is the rockin' first podcast by ChadFox. Check out Stop Touching My Radio Food. Blinding for room-dancing-type shenanigans. Excellent cure for January Mean Reds.

Also, thanks to the blog-lazy Damascus, I've just heard about this cool website, Pandora. I'm essentially a bit lazy and am always stealing the uber-cool music my flatmates bring round, and now the internet can do it for you! Not that spending hours browsing through record-shops should be missed out on, nor hearing what your mates are tuning into (chooning into?) but it's a bit spesh. Slightly U.S. slant to the music I think (what? no Girls Aloud?), but is interesting none the less.

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