Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More pix in 06?

I’m a bad blogger. Not a single post over the holiday period.

But in my defence I have spent barely 24 hours over the last ten days in my actually place of residence.

I have, though, spent an inordinate amount of time in sleeping bags. So getting home last night and stretching out into a full double bed, with no cold metal zips, physical restrictions and with (praise be!) clean sheets was GLORIOUS.

Christmas with The Family (bit like the mafia, only with more cake. I imagine) was great fun, but a bit exhausting. With assorted children, pets and partners even sitting around watching a bit of telly can be a bit stressful. And I was in exile at a kind neighbours house while they were on holiday to make room for everyone (sleeping bag number the one). It was great though, as we hardly ever all get together anymore. My sister's partner joined us this year and found it a bit weird I think. We're not nutters, but I suppose we have our quirks.

I got some great presents though. A really nice scarf from M+D, plus an assorted selection of books, CDs and DVDs I’m really looking forwarding to getting through. There is something really satisfying about a pile of unread books by the bed.

Then was back in London for one night only to go out with a bunch of mates in central London, before stumbling home to pack. Got up the next day and in a haze of confusion and hung-overness (cava, bitter, beer and wine mmmmm tasty) chugged off to France for NYE with friends. I'm semi-amazed that all ten of us managed to get our shit together in three cars from different points in London and make it to Dover on time (rough-but-fun ferry crossing).

Spent four hilarity-filled days in a beautiful, slightly delapidated three storey house in the old town of Boulogne sur Mer. It was freezing, so we had to use alcohol to keep warm. Or something. Anyway, we saw in the French New Year and then the UK one an hour later with much merriment, dancing, party-poppering and singing (Auld Lang Syne in French? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?). One of us had a camcorder. Oh Dear God.

No one mention the BatMonkeys in the cellar.

Now back to stinking work and January blues. Damn. Although in a freak outburst of general start-of-the-year optimism I had a quick sort out of my room yesterday. I moved some posters and shit around. I might vaguely paint it at some point. It's not like that would require a great deal of paint, and I could do it in a day.

2005 has been an odd year. I've had some real high's and done some amazing things - which I'm not going to tediously list here. But I've also had a few really naff bits, and seriously peeved off a few people I love, which is not good. I think after a bit of break I'm quite geared up for the next 12 months, and on the whole I'm a bloody lucky bloke. But life is never really perfect, I suppose. A few members of the family have a few problems hitting them quite hard at the moment, and I think work is gonna be a bit stress for a while. Hey ho. Let's get it on, shall we?! It's never straightforward, so lets make sure some of the detours are fun.

To mark the fact that this is a time for new beginnings and life is a journey (CLUNK! Insert cheesy metaphor of your choice here!), here is a picture of my nephew 'driving' the parked car up to his grandparents gaff for crimble:

Aww. Innit kyoooot. I promise some pictures from the Lomo - including hopefully Christmas and France - will be up as soon as I get them developed, even if they are just black rectangles.

Hell's teeth, man!

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Damascus said...

Aaah! Cute little ginger nephew! x