Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pop. Link. Bang. Whizz.

The amazing Popjustice has finally revamped its website. Its one of the few I check into on an almost daily basis. The new look is stonking. Sirs - we salute you!

Hang on. My grammar abandoned me there. Should that be Popjustice the website as an organisation, person or persons? (Correct grammatical terms on a postcard to...)

To hell with it. I'm normally right. Took me until post-Uni to get the hang of apostrophes though. That's a bit shocking, really, isn't it?

Did I mention I work in the broad spectrum of communications? AHAHHAAHAHA.

In almost related news - BlogRolls.

Nay, dear readers, not the handy toilet-side scraps for cleaning, wiping of privates and such*, but the merry links to other blogs around the blogosphere.

I realise that for casual browsers (all three of you), the road to other blogs ends pretty much here. That defeats the point of the internet a bit, and I need your advice on ettiquette. Is it the done thing to simply shove up a link to a blog I, as your host (with the toast), read often? Like? Trust? Consult? Does one consult the other blogger first? They may not wish to be associated with the Futher Adventure of Boz (and indeed, who could blame them).

Having had a really lovely comment from Steve, I feel quite justified in adding him. This I shall do. At some point.

Bloody cold today, hey?

(* Boz reccomends Sainsbury's Aloe Vera special stuff. Mmmmm pleasing. Though I have not checked how environmentally friendly it is.)

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