Friday, January 20, 2006

They're heeeerreeeeee!

Finally got the first roll of Lomo pictures developed, and Matty kindly scanned them in (himself).

Aside from the two of the guy who owned the camera before - they have come out really, really well. I'm pretty suprised at the quality - the light was poor, even with the 400 ASA film.

Check out a few below. Aside from the scanning, I've not fiddled with them in Photoshop yet (largely because I am almost a total Photoshop novice...), so they could be brushed up with a bit of light, shadow and balance adjustment.

"Flockiiiiing, to the sea..."

Something very Amelie-esque about this one.

Ahhhhh - kyoooot.

This camera loves warm colours. Ironic as the house was FUCKING COLD.

I don't think they are half bad. I'm no expert photographer, though have always loved the SLR my mum and dad got me for my eighteenth birthday. But even the ones that haven;t come out properly look good.

Thanks again Mark!!

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