Thursday, March 16, 2006

"Heidi O'Connell... Heidi O'Connell... Heidi O'Connell..."

Having only recently discovered that The Smoking Room is one of the bestest and most underrated things on the British tellybox (at almost the very moment they decide there won't be a third series. The swines.), I am even more delighted to discover the actress who played Heidi ("Barry! I'm back!") has her very own website.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Emma Kennedy. Her off the telly and those Heat adverts ("Hello security? I'd like to report a stolen stapler. It's red. No I haven't got a picture."). I defy you not to laugh out loud at this entry in her Blog. Revel in a grown actress, writer and future national treasure getting stuck in her own dog flap. Genius.

Anyway. The Smoking Room is brilliant, but annoys lots of people. Largely because nothing ever really happnens. The characters are fantastic creations, and keeping it strictly to one room works really well. I don't even smoke, but it's still like having a crafty fag break.



Jim said...

Haha, yesss. I love The Smoking Room, and I'm really glad that someone else has worked out how funny it is.

Boz said...

I'm intrigued Jim - is it broadcast in Japan, or did you watch it before you left?

If it was broadcast in Japan, I can only imagine what they make of the British people... hahaha

Jim said...

Saw the first series and most of the second before I left (as well as the masterful Christmas special) ... very good stuff. There is no British programming over here - I get by on the DVDs I took with me.