Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Mini(egg) Adventures

Bank Holiday Monday. The weather is good. I’ve just been pooterling around town and now I’m just farting around indoors. It’s nice, although I hurt my back somehow at The Parentals for big Easter family gathering.

Not that we ‘do’ Easter apparently:

Boz: “Happy Easter!”
Parents: “We don’t do all that. We’re just happy to see you all.”
Boz: “Can I still have a chocolate Easter Egg?”
Parents: “Yes.”
Boz: “Yey!”

As you can see I’m easily bought.

It was really great to be back with The Family for a while though, including sister and nefarious nephews. Wellllll okay. They’re not actually nefarious per se. But one is ginger. He’s two next week. Awww. And the older one is already way cooler than I ever was at his age. Rock on kids!

So although I should be doing a hundred little Things and Bits that need doing. I really can’t be arsed. I haven’t had any cultural adventures for ages either. With the Ecuador Adventure, the Moving Adventure then the Catching-up-with-everyone-I-hadn’t-seen-in-ages Adventure I feel like I’ve not had much time for just… bumming around.

But. To make this blog a little more interesting than it has been for a while, and in lieu of doing anything worth reporting, I am gonna talk about Edward Burtynsky.

Well. It could be a short entry. I know next to bugger all about the man himself, but a few years ago I randomly came across this image in Time Out or somewhere:

It’s from his Three Gorges collection, and for some reason it really struck me. So I got up reasonably early one weekend and went to see the exhibition at contemporay art space Flowers East in London's comporary trendy East End. Lots of trendy hair.

Much brouhaha with the door entry. Suffice to say Boz looked a proper fool in a trendy setting. This happened today when a nice man in Sainsbury’s pointed out I had been leaking milk from my basket for the last five minutes. Oh crap.

Anyway. The photographs really blew me away, and it was brilliant to see them up close and on a large scale. The scenes of demolition and epic industrial machines were breathtaking, but it always seemed like he was coming from a very human point of view*. Whatever your thoughts on the damn project itself.

So if you ever get the chance, go see. Is all. Also Transamerica. Because it’s really good.

Could they get Desperate Housewives on there any more prominently, do you think? I can't imagine how the conversation with her husband-and-executive-producer went though.

"Darling, we've got this great script. I think you'd be great for the part. You'd be this pre-op transexual right... no, no, she's still got a willy. Yes, that's right she's becoming a he. Well you can do that husky voice you do... darling...?"

Today’s iPod finds Avalon (Jacques Lu Cont versus remix) by Juliet on heavy rotation, along with my current favourite Kylie cover version (surely a sub-genre itself) of the moment, Hand On Your Heart as played beautifully by José González. Previously this position was held by Tori Amos’s awesomely ace version of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. Finally, I’m also listening to Cherry Tree by Grand National.

Right. Best be off. Complicated recipe involving lentils on the go…

* I really can talk some bollocks sometimes. But earnestly. So there.

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