Wednesday, May 17, 2006

She's here! She's here!

The Nancy Banks-Smith picture has arrived! I'm so chuffed.

She and her wry smile are sitting on our mantle piece until we get a frame, then she'll be heading on to the section of our hall we're currently calling 'The Biddy Wall'. With no offence meant, obviously.

Currently debating who else should head on up there. Suggestions welcome. I thought the signed Blue Peter team picture circa ninety-ninety-something-or-other, but it's a bit creepy now Carol Keating has died. Blue Peter presenters should never die. Or work for Living TV (stand up Yvette Fielding). They should just go on to the big Blue Peter Garden in the sky.

Further evidence of how ace the NBS is can be found here.

All this is meaning nothing to international customers. Move along please.

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