Thursday, June 22, 2006


A fantastic couple of days at the House of the Parentals for the Father's Day weekend. Really great just to kick back and flake out in their garden.

A healthy spread of drinks, including a new summer special, supposedly of my father's creation. This is a fantastic summer drink, and even better when mixed with mother's home made Elderflower cordial (bottles of the stuff I dragged back to London. Bottles. But it is lovely.):

Take a glass....
Pop some elderflower cordial in.
Thank Mother.
Add a generous slash of Suze (perhaps bought back cheaply on a cheap weekend to France. Sorry "Fwarnce").
Top up generously with lemonade.
Drink. Preferably in sunshine.
Fall over.

By the time we went to walk the dog around midnight, we had reached the point of sillyness where my dad was crapping by the side of the road. I think the dog was quite confused.

Anyway. This week I have been doing all sorts - including going to BAFTA. Yes. Once the taxi driver found it, anyway. (Piccadilly, since you ask, halfway between Green Park and Piccadilly Circus tube stations).

V glam. So, here is my in-dpeth, undercover reportage:

They like their logo.

They use their logo a lot. It's like a man-size award. I'd just like to thank...

And here are the toikets at BAFTA. Note the classy square wicker basket affairette for putting in the used hand towels in. Ooooo.

So that's me, Much more fun than last week's work do. After a while all the hatchet-faced, leathery skinned old women with too much money started to blend into one.

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