Sunday, June 04, 2006

The trouble with young people today... that they are apparently nice but square. This from Jon Henley's diary column in Friday's Grauniad:

"Horrifying news from Hampton, meanwhile, where we learn from the letters pages of the Richmond and Twickenham Times that a group of local youths, on spotting a Mr Bradley collapsed on Acacia Road after tripping on the pavement, called an ambulance, waited with him till it arrived, then finished delivering the church newsletters he was pushing through letter-boxes at the time. What is our younger generation coming to?"

Ahhhh. Bless 'em.

In MUCH MORE IMPORTANT news, my friend Stelly has bitten the bullet, done the deed, and handed her notice in. She's officially shipping out of Ipswich and joining the rest of us right thinking people in London from this summer. Yey!

Okay so London is clearly not fantastic all the time, obviously, but the point is we're here and she isn't. At the moment. I mean honestly, who wants to live somewhere the council try (and fail) to market as 'Hipswich'. Can you see what they've done there? Yes. Very good. Now, please put my in touch with the nearest ticket out of here and back to civilisation...

That's a bit harsh perhaps. Ipswich is very... nice.

Oh crap why am I still talking about Ipswich?!

Anyway. Obviously I have many 'hillarious' pictures of Stelly, but she would never forgive if I posted up any that were really, really unflattering. So here is one from a weekend in Wales many moons ago, that I think I will remember with extreme happiness until the day I die:

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