Saturday, July 29, 2006

Adventures on YouTube: 29 July 06

Girls Aloud audition for Doctor Who companion role.

(Should be Nadine. Obviously. Not Nicola. Just another Bonnie Langford)

Transameica bloopers.

The proper Channel 4 ident.

More C4 with famous people swearing. Why is this funny? Am I six years old? Possible...

Shampoo. They were big in Japan. Nuff said.

The name's Bond. James Bond. And I'm a spy, you know..

CSI: Ambridge

The Archers is running with a heavy drugs storyline:
Ed Grundy is on crack!!

Forget poor Clarrie, what will Lynda say!?

This is important stuff - it's making national news.

Silly season, anyone?

While tripping through Westminster...

...the other evening after work, we happened upon the following scene:

Now you can't see very much, thanks to my dear little camera phone, but at the other end were some people standing around in period costume, being filmed by a rather expensive film crew. We couldn't get any closer, but you can just about make out a Ye Olde Automobile at the near end of the street.

The police. It's not their fault. It's something to do with the costume.. I mean, uniform (someone page Tom Ford), but is it me or do any group of 'The Fuzz' standing around looking a little bit silly, hmmm? A touch gormless.

Don't get me wrong. Bless their dear little pop socks and I would be the first to be grateful when they show up should I be being assaulted or something (had a bit of a 'competition' for a taxi last night. I was bit tipsy - ho dear... the shame...), but really.

So that's my take on the emergency services. My priorities are in the right place.

In other, better, jumping around and getting over my hangover this afternoon news:

Praise be to the Gods! They're back. And it's a stomper.

But then, to be fair, I'm also a-rockin' to The Puppini Sisters version of Wuthering Heights. That's just the kind of crazy kid I am.


Great website of theirs though. Check it out.

I can feel an Andrews Sisters moment coming on. I have never looked lovelier, dammit...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

North v South v my aching thighs

Uh. Lawks. I've only gone and signed myself up for it again.

I mean, do I have no memory!?

The thing is, I was at a most excellent stag-slash-hen do this weekend, which for us stags (I flatter myself) involved a very gentle game of cricket in the afternoon, before hooking up with the hens at a superb restaurant near Finsbury Park.

The key words being very and gentle game of cricket. The other crucial word being agony which I was definitely in the following morning.

Oh dear; time to do some exercise again.

So when the email from evil-Nike popped into my inbox on Monday - how could I resist.

Oh... pants...

Friday, July 14, 2006


I think I must be getting deeply un-hip. I don't really understand Myspace.

Un-hip or out of touch.

Or both.

Oh crap...

Much more worringly I almost felt a pang of sympathy when Microsoft - the executors of Satan's work on earth - withdrew tech support for Windows 98.

Gates! What did you do to me in my formative years, Gates!?

Ahhh. I love my Mac.....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Birthday TFAOB! RIP Geoffrey Casherelle

With nothing less than absolute astonishment* I realised yesterday that I have been writing this blog for a year.

A year.

Now I know entries have not exactly been daily, and whoever's in charge of quality control should, frankly, be given their P45, but I am rather chuffed by this. Apparently most blogs don't last more than three months. But by golly here at further adventures we can carry on self-proselitising for far longer than that.

So! What to do to mark this momentous ocassion? This first anniversary? What can I do to thank the 833 possibly-not-unique site visits I have had?

Well. There's a thing.

I'm stumped. So here's a couple of telly ads that have genuinely made me laugh out loud lately instead.

The first, I have Mr Coates to thank for finding, and is the new advert annoucning the FilmFour is to be free to air from 23 July. It's here.

The second is for More4's news programme (a theme here, methinks) and can be found here - though the quality isn't great. I'm amazed some eager and enterprising** young spod in the C4 building hasn't bunged this onto YouTube, but hey ho. If I find a better link I'll post it up.

In other, more traumatic news, it is my sad duty to annouce that Geoffrey Casherelle is no longer of this earth. Yes friends. Geoffrey the Avacado plant has, in fact, died. He is an ex-plant. He is now a twig, in a pot, by the sink in the kitchen.

I am genuinely gutted. I think I may have over-watered him. I'm sorry Geoffrey. I'll miss you. Thanks for trying.

Was also a bit devastated this week by the season finale of Doctor Who (oooEEEEoooooooOOOOOooOOOOOOO!). I won't spoil anything here, but is was brilliant. I may have shed a tear or two. Fact. And then something really fucking bonkers happens at the end, isallI'mgonnasay. Hee hee.

Mini-adventure on Friday. As part of a sort-of-second-date with someone (lips are sealed for the time being) went to see Rebecca at the NFT - which was brilliant. Both deliberately and unintentionally funny, but still utterly absorbing. Mrs Danvers will always be compelling, I think.

"Look, you can see my hand right through it...".

Hurrah for deranged, semi-psychotic lesbian housekeepers. Where does one find them?

Then pootled along to Soho House. Which was sort of fun. But full of some seriously awful people.

So. A year. Stay tuned, dear redaer, and let's see what adventures happen next, hey?


*really must stop compulsively alliterating
** really really