Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Adventures on YouTube: 29 August 06 (Nobody's watching!)

Okay. This isn't the kind of bag I usually rummage around on YouTube, but this really made me laugh, and I shall defo be watching more:

"Follow my lead... Video! Film! Video! Film! Video! VIDEO!"

I've sorta stopped checking into Stop Touching My Food hosted by blogger extraordinaire The Chad Fox, but as a few of the bloggers on my blogroll are quite naturally dropping off the Blogosphere for the time being (stand up Vit and Sam Vance), I've been checking in again. And for that I owe him this piece of magic:

"Oh my God!"

Have I already blogged this? Have I? Have I really? Have I really? Really have I??
(Sorry - been watching the most excellent Charlie Brooker get grumpy on and about the telly lately. I say on. It's BBC 4. Does that count? Anyway. Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe is ace. Watch it.).

Well If I have, I don't care. I have the ever-so-well-informed Mr Tom Coates at PlasticBag to thank for flagging up this amazing piece of footage.
What do you do with eight treadmills and quite a lot of time? Why this of course!

Genius. Just genius. And all I do is get up and fart around at my desk all day. I'm sure I'm in quite the wrong industry...

Anyway. Enough of this! I have other things to blog on about...

...hang on... ....

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