Tuesday, August 29, 2006


...and here we are!

So what's hot, what's not, and what's been happening?? LOADS!!

For starters, I have completed my second training run this evening after work in preparation for the Nike 10k run, simply because they sent me a guilt email this morning telling to GET THE FUCK ON because race day is six weeks away. Gulp.

Two runs in one evening, if you count the hot-footing it across the common from the takeaway. No? No?? Oh

So! Those of you foolish enough to hang around this corner of the t'internet for a while may remember these two posts about the Lana and Boz joint birthday fest. It was good fun then - but this year's was even better!

On Saturday 12 August the ground quaked, and the Gods once again tried to rain on our parade, but a fantastic and wonderful selection of our mates came together at The Woolpack pub on Bermondsey Street to help us celebrate getting to 27.

Twenty-fucking-seven. Fuck. Me.

It was great fun - thanks Lana! And much more laid-back than last year's 'do'.

I was truly touched by the outrageously generous gifts we got that evening and after - including our matching Banana Guards - which are such a superb invention!

A handy and durable device for the safe storage and bruise-free transportation of the popular yellow fruit, you say?
GEE-NEE-US, says Boz. It's great!

Also, I had a truly splendid gift from the Good Man Mark:

Look, it's the first year of The Further Adventures of Boz, in full coffee-table hardbacked book glory!!


I was deeply touched, and it has inspired me to keep on going. And definitely try and include more pictures. The quality of the book is really good, and there's something a bit weird about seeing words I have typed out (occasionally madly, quite often very badly and sometimes a bit drunkenly) printed onto real, turnable pages. It makes it seem much more.. real, and I suppose demonstrates that the printed word still carries a great deal of power. For me, at least.

Thank you so much, Mark! Here's hoping we get to a Volume Two... I know I've still got a lot to learn. :-)

On top of all the wonderful presents I have and have not mentioned, and the very liquid celebrations (Sambuca, beer and champagne? Why the hell not!??), the following week The Good Lady In Peru - WAS NO LONGER IN PERU BUT BACK HERE IN LONDON!!

To sit with her again, in a garden, knocking back the vino collapso and chatting away - was wonderful.
Very happy Boz.

Loads more to tell. But I'm about to fall asleep, so now for a quick service announcement...

* * * *

This made me laugh - spotted in the window of one of Clapham's many funky* charity shops:

Even better then, when The Cooms sent me details of this great new campaign by the charity WaterAid called Help Knit A River. It's designed to promote the most excellent work of WaterAid, and to raise awareness and bring attention to the fact that 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe, clean water and basic sanitation - a fundamental right that many of us take for granted.

It's very simple - can you knit a blue 15cm x 15 cm square?? Bet you can. And I bet you would have fun finding out. It's trendy now remember!

I think this is really interesting because it's being run in association with I Knit - a London knitting club - and they even have a blog on how it's doing (found here).

It's a fantastic coming together of two organisations, one excellent cause, the internet and a whole heap of wool. Brilliant! Whoever came up with it should be knighted immediately. And then let carry on coming up with such marvelous ideas.

Got a bit obsessed with knitting last year when I went to a great exhibition at the Craft's Council, though was never keen enough to pick up some needles. Maybe I will now.

* Honestly. Who says funky.


Adrian said...

Wow, a blog in book form - what a cool gift!

Boz said...

Defo! And I did not do the proper thing - the book was produced (under direction) by these cool people:
But I do not think they deliver outside the US - which makes the gift even more amazing, really, as there was a lot of work involved in getting it delivered.