Monday, August 21, 2006

Woine Time II: Straight to Spritzer

"You look terrible Sharon. Have you been burning the candle at both ends of the spectrum?"

Yey! Kath and Kim are back, back, BACK!

Mondays. BBC2. 9pm (ish). Get with the programme!

And celebrate this finest slice of fly-on-the-slice-of-life documentary type drama, with a nice glass of wine. Wine Time. Or, more accurately, 'woine-toime, Kimmy'.

Handily, those handy folks at Aunty have cobbled together some kind of supposed,. so-called article on buying wine*. As I have frequently bemoaned the fact that my wine budget since I started buying the stuff eleven years ago, has remained firmly fixed in the 'under a fiver' category (Seven if it's a special occasion, like a wedding, barmitzvah or Hollyoaks disaster special**).

So it's good to know that my budget is apparebntly well within reason and good taste! Here what cultural gurus such as the wine experts at Vinopolis have to say about at at this web page.

"People don't have loyalty to a brand, the loyalty is to the supermarket - the consumer is saying 'I bought a £3.99 bottle from them last week, it was good, I'll buy another one that's £3.99 this week.'"

Next week?! But what am I to drink for the other six days!??
I have also shamelessly stolen the title coda of this post from one of the comments on the article. Thank you Paisley Yoda, whoever thou art.

Right. Anway. Loads to tell you - so a bigger better post coming soon. Suffice to say that last year's shenanigans have been magnificently out done. Pictures to follow (UNlikely). I have received an enormous pile of stupendous presents, including one very special one that has a direct impact ("Krumphff!") on this very blog right here you're reading.

Oh yes.

* Roweeeeeeeeeena!

** Some would argue every edition of Hollyoaks is a disaster. I would agree.

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Gareth said...

The other day I found myself saying "Tout Suite" in a conversation. Kath and Kim are taking me over.

It already worries me how much I'm like Kim as it is.