Thursday, September 21, 2006

Boz is engrossed in...

Embers by Sándor Márai. S'triffic, since you ask. Very atmospheric.

I did look at Amazon's site and try and dig out the little blog doo-hickey thingummyjig that would mean I could just shove this sorta post into a little thingy thing in the sidebar ( -------> ), but it all got a bit confusing and complicated.

So I gave up.

Look, two posts in a day, what more do you want? Blood? Tears? Intellectual stimulation, accurate spelling and interesting blog posts?? Don't be silly. I rely on elaborate quips and pictures. There be no actual content here. BEGONE DETAILED AND INTERESTING BLOG SEEKER.

Am I getting carried away? Possible. I shall now divert your attention with a short series of mildly amusing alterantive highway signs... stop me if you've had these on an email attachment before... oh you can't... carry on...

1 comment:

Gareth said...


Especially the dip one, though I'm slow right now and was amused when I thought the joke was that the dip in the road isn't actually that hidden at all.