Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flashback: 1996. I'm wearing black denim. There is probably a bad indie track playing in the background...

I am (once-again) mostly very happy today.

This time it's because of this, this and this.

It's back! For a one-off! The Beeb better not screw this up. Hopefully this is unlikely as it is being put together by the same original team.

So many questions... Are Anna and Miles together? What happened to Egg and Milly? Will there still be ginger plumbers to shag in the shower? Have they finally taken that Portishead album off of the house hifi?? Did Millly ever get out of the bath?!

Okay. So the lives of a bunch of lawyers and hangers-on in a huge shared flat in London should, on paper, sound like a complete TV disaster. Or at worst a bad Friends rip-off But This Life was so flat-out funny, irrevereant and quick to jump hurdles to wedge in a bit of shagging, flirting, infidelity and foreplay among the shared living spaces it was ACE. I really cared about the characters. even when they were royally screwing up their lives or treating each other like shit.

The episode title's alone were fantastic: From Here to Maternity, The Bi Who Came In From The Cold, Apocalypse Wow, One Bedding and a Funeral...


Anyone who wants a goodly catch-up and briefing on this seminal piece of telly box magic should visit here and here.

Warren: What we need is to draw up some ground rules.
Anna: Rule number one - No anorexic bimbo blondes.

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