Friday, September 15, 2006

Look at this!!

I'm all about the visuals this week. Check out the new Tory party logo below:

It's a bit 'local council' isn't it?! Looks like it should be on the side of a waste disposal truck.

Luckily they got the key people 'on message' about this exciting development, hey?

Oh. Whoops.


Adrian said...

I appreciate the message about being environmentally friendly, but this looks sketchy. The message is a bit scribbled.

I suppose I shouldn't be too disappointed, I rather want them not to (inevitably) win the next election.

Incidentally, having Lord Tebbitt say exactly that is a very good PR coup de grace for Cameron and his breed. Wouldn't want old school Tory's identifying with his radical new approach, would they?

Gareth said...

Does Lord Tebbit not realise that trees look like broccolli anyway?!

The logo is really, really rubbish though. It's all over the place, a bit like the party I believe.

Boz said...

In essence - it is a bog ol' pile of cack, isn't it?

Gareth said...


Zefrog said...

And they paid £40,000 for this!

I think it could be the logo of a dairy personally.