Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Must. Stop. This. Obsession. Okayonemorethen.

From today's Grauniad:

"The florescent ghost of Dame Barbara Cartland loomed large in Reader, I Married Him (BBC 4), a whirl through romantic fiction. Meredith Etherington-Smith - no, honestly - was scathing. "A lot of romantic fiction is extremely badly written. Think about Barbara Cartland lolling around on a sofa in shocking pink with three Pekinese lolling about the place, dictating those things to secretaries. Poor secretaries doing all that Pitman's. Just think about it!" I think about it. In one portrait Dame Barbara is in soulful focus but the Peke on her knee is a blur. It has clearly launched itself straight at the photographer."

We love Nancy. Babs scares us somewhat.

I must be getting old though. I'm finding BBC 4 very... soothing.

Note to self - must clean camera lens...

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