Thursday, September 07, 2006


Last night Mark and I happened to catch a repeat of an old episode of that laugh-a-minute comedy fest Spooks.

It was the one where Tiffany from Eastenders was rigged up to a bomb, counting down to explode in a fictional hospital*. Mark pointed out that, trying as the programme was, Ricky Gervais is right - Britain is never going to make anything as flash and wonderful as the mighty Kiefer Sutherland vehicle 24.

For starters, like Spooks, us Brits know that 24 is a far too optimistic timesacale. Even with Anna Chancellor phoning-it-in at the helm, we'd need at the very least a couple of days run-up at anything major. And biscuits. Plenty of biscuits and fag breaks.

Luckily - we don't need to make another 24 in the UK, because we put the world's greatest secret agent on screen years ago - and he's coming back.


He's terrific! He's magnifique! He's the greatest secret agent in the laaaaaand! (As sang Toyah Wilcox in the opening credits.)

Brilliant! Dangermouse was the best, when I was a child, and I for one will be looking forward to seeing him spoil the plans of Baron Von Greenback all over again.

Does Jack Bauer have a flying car? Does he? No. He doesn't.

*This may not be the official programme summary.

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Gareth said...

Toyah Wilcox sung the theme tune?! How have I not known this until now?

Dangermouse is amazing. I think my resolution for 2007 will be to watch it more often.