Saturday, September 02, 2006

Uncontrolled crossing

When I saw this in the middle of Clapham, I almost considered changing the name of this blog. It's brilliant!

Crazy-hectic week at work, but gt a text message from a work colleague on Wenesday, offering Boz a spare FREE ticket to go and see a Scissor Sisters gig being taped for MTV, at this venue.

I love the SS. But, really, it should have been plastic, it should have been sterile, but it was utterly amazing. They totally kicked arse, and some of the new sttuff sounded ace. And they looked utterly shit hot. It was wicked fun.

Happy Birthday Del!

Much fun. And a few sore heads the next morning. Tra-la-laah. Which probably explains why I've got some work at home to do this w/e. Didn't quite get everything done before being out of the office for two weeks.


Lady L said...

you went to see the scissor sisters? live? in london? for free??!!!

you know, i used to like you. really like you. but now i fear i may hate you...hrmph.


Lady L said...

To clarify, that's Lady 'L' with a capital 'L'...not Lady 1, Lady I or even Lady T.

It's Lady L. With a capital L.


Boz said...

Cheers honeybunch - how was Alan Carr????

K xxxx