Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Everything looks niiiiiice. But if you look twiiiiiiice."

Yes yes yes. Obviously the mandatory post about NYC is on its way, just as soon as I remember to take the buggering films to the developers. I know 35mm isn't exactly 21st century whizzbang shiny HappyNice technology, but no old school film, no Lomo pictures. And we love the Lomo. Oh yes.

Although in a complete modern day style, I don't bother actually getting pictures any more. No - just the digital images on CD* and the negatives in case I want to make enlargements**.

Isn't hummus amazing?***

Anyway. In celebration of being back in LDN, here's something else weirdly brilliantly-brilliant half-inched from crank up the speakers and create your own London Underground Experience.

My favourite is number eight - which for some reason always reminds me of the District Line and childhood visits to see my Gran.

Going away is brilliant. Coming back home is good too. Because you can start planning the next trip away.

Damn, Is it too late to wangle in something about normal trains, because the only picture I have is actually from Clapham Junction station and therefore nothing to do with going away or tube sounds....

*Compact Disk, Gran. You remember you saw them on Tomorrows World.
** I reserve the right to still find this word mildly amusing.
*** Very easily distracted at the moment. LOOK! FANNY!


orange anubis said...

Hummus is more amazing than blood! And better than Clapham Junction. Although exciting angles on Mind The Gap signs could persuade me. If I look twiiiiiiice.

Boz said...

Hummus is defo better than Clapham Junction.

But is Queenstown Road better than guacamole?

I'm just being silly now...

LaLa said...

Welcome back, that photo makes me feel dizzy and reminds me of being pissed on the tube.