Monday, October 09, 2006

Go team South.

My legs hurt today. They hurt because yesterday I ran the Nike 10k - Run London. Well. Run Hyde Park, more accurately. On the winning team, as it happens.

I didn't do quite as well as last year, but I'm really chuffed. Life has been a bit too crazy for any training* and I was only four minutes slower - at 1 hour and 45 seconds. Nay bad! Plus, I enjoyed it a lot more this time around. It was a beautiful day for it and it was fun to spot all the orange runners on the way to the Park.

Oh blimey. I sound a bit evangelical, don't I? Shurrup shurrup shurrup.

That's my exercise done for the next six months then. Hooray.**

* Okay, clearly what I really mean is that I'm a lazy arsed layabout.
** I actually mean this. It's cold outside now, thankyouverymuch.


Gareth said...

Well done!

Did it hurt? Did your nipples bleed?

Boz said...


I have a hurt on my foot. Owie.

But nothing is bleeding. I think. Although I am still quite lightheaded...

Boz said...

Can I also point out that I don't actually have a hernia - it's just the way the free t-shirt is hanging.

I thank you.

alyndabear said...

Wow, I feel tired just reading about it. I can barely do the bloody walks without toppling over.

That free t-shirt is NICE. I want.

LaLa said...

All I got for the Bloody City2Surf was a shit red cap, ripped off.

Congratulations! I would not want your knees for the world today.