Monday, October 16, 2006

"Gordon, Burn Everything Before The Tories Get Back In!"

Right - way behind the divineMister Coates on this, but everyone's favourite poltical and social conscience has been out and about on the streets of London.

Mark Thomas is holding a series of 'mass lone protests' to highlight the stupidity and ridiculousness of the SOCPA laws.

The first set kicked off on Wednesday 11 October, and had a piece in The Grauniad the following day.

Obviously there is a very serious and, in my mind, highly valid point about civil liberties and freedom of speech being made. But also, some of the more spurious demonstrations made during last Wendesday were, in a word, hilarious, as can be seen by someof the banner titles and explanations from Mr Thomas:

Give MI5 a nameplate!
MI5 has no sign outside of it saying it is MI5, and I am convinced that they are not getting all of their post.

Stop Patricia Hewitt Speaking Like a Patronising Tw*t!
"What are you demonstrating about?" grumbles a rather fierce-looking elderly gent with glasses and a frown that suggests he once worked in a prep school. I hold up the banner."Oh, I quite agree. She's awful," he says before getting on a red omnibus home.

Demonstration to demand Trolls for London Bridges
Stopped by the police, who check permission. Cross the bridge shouting, "We need trolls! We are overrun with goats! These goats coming over here, stealing our jobs, getting the best houses! It wouldn't happen if we had trolls. And I bet they would keep the underside clear of dead Italian bankers, too." I really should get a proper job.

I have to admit I share the view that Mark Thomas is a bit of smug prat sometimes, but I seriously admire the man for standing up and trying to make a differemce about stuff that is going on under the noses of most of us. There is a reason why satire is satire and not slapstick, but that's not to say that satirical comment cannot be extremely funny.

Right. Anyway. I'm off to take Jocasta and Joshua off to Prep school now, before popping of to Waitrose to stock up on extra virgin olive oil. In other words, enough of my middle-class sensibilities.

Am off on holiday on Wednesday - yey! Will try and squeeze in another nonsensical post before then.


LaLa said...

I had no idea who or what you were talking about (I could google it of course, or click on your handy links, but I am just toooo tired!) but it was very funny.

I demand some fucking trolls on the Sydney Harbour Bridge too.

Holdays, ooh er, anywhere nice?

Boz said...

Yes. That wasn't a very internationalist post, was it? Whoops!

New York. Am very excited. Not been before. If you've been - any tips or must-sees???

Bueller, Bueller, anyone, Bueller?

LaLa said...

Oh, I have only been to Newarl airport, had a ciggie outside, took a photo of a yellow cab and that's it.

Canada is nice though, so if it is shit, just fly to Toronto.

Have a blast!

Gareth said...

Oh I wish I'd read this all sooner! I was there last Summer, although you don't really need many tips to enjoy the place. Hope you're having lots of fun! And it's not just you... New Yorkers are rude to everyone!

Gareth said...

(in general - there were a few lovely ones too)