Monday, October 09, 2006

One reason I do not like Robbie Williams

Maybe I'm innocent. Maybe I'm an idiot. But I feel compelled to bring to the world's attention (all six of you), that the new Robbie Williams single, Lovelight, has already been released by someone else.

You know, I am aware this sort of thing happens all of time. I'm not stupid. I know how the pop world works. It's not like it's even a 'cover' - I mean, no one was bothered that the first Girls Aloud single had been recorded by another group, Orchid, some months previously, were they.

But, dammit, I liked the original version of Lovelight, and now it's being touted by... by... by him.

Should you want to - you can listen to a little bit of the original here. Or you can pop along to the (UK) iTunes store and purchase it for the princely sum of 79p. Go on. You know you want to.

End of minor rantoid.


alyndabear said...

For some reason, Robbie in that song sounds like he's trying to take on Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters. And no-one can take on Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters. Hrmph.

AND.. I cannot forgive Robbie dearest for the Rudebox song. What the heck was that about? And why must it always get stuck in my head?


LaLa said...

What Rudebox song? I can't forgive him for "Freedom '96" - Which I own the single of, I got it for free but why I still own it is beyond me.