Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stop the press! Forget Autumn - Yule has landed.

Service announcement peoples: Hold the phone.

It is Sunday 29 October 3006, and I have just seen my first full-on, properly made for Christmas, Christmas advert on the telly.

It was for Argos.

Bloody Argos. I sincerely hope they won't be making my Christmas wishes true.

I still haven't developed the New York pictures, obviously. I shall do so this week. I'm sure. I am highly organised and efficient and anyone who says otherwise could face a Boz meaningful glare.

If anyone fancies something chuckle-worthy from today's lefty papers, Lucy Mangan is rapidly becoming my favourite wry-take on life funny ha ha columnist. Find out how difficult it is to join a British library here.

It is clear I am not alone on this, and that she gets caught up in insanely long sentences too - yey! It's not just me. Maybe one day I could be being paid for boshing out this prattling witter.

Check out some more of Lucy's stuff over here. I will be.

Um. She isn't paying me, by the way. And I really must stop talking about The Grauniad on this blog.

If reading is far too much like hardwork this Sunday afternoon - the new Justin Timberlake video (watch it here) is very pretty. And a bit naughty (he makes ""a very large hole" in the tights of a nice dancing lady - though it didn't look like she minded very much). Boz is vefry much liking the waistcoat, tie and chunky trainers 'look'. Though strip lighting enoucarges skin cancer I'm told - so it's not all good news is the message here. Oh and the song is alright too. Sortofthing.

That boy can dance! I wish I could move like that. But in my head, my choreographed world is a bit like this, so maybe it's a good thing I can't...

Break out Mrs Harridan's special crumble, Vicar!

Anyway. I don't just like pop music that has a 'face' attached to it. I am pleased to say that a lot of the music I like is put together by people who could pass me in the street without raising so much as a flicker of a shadow of the merest hint of raised oeyebrow. Especiallly as my radio station of choice these days appears to be Chill. I must be getting old.

What a random post this is turning out to be. It'll be Horlicks and slippers next, you mark my words. Shoot me now, before it's too late! Though before you do, can you turn a stylised image of the old Horlickls factory in Slough into a TrendyCool t-shirt design for me? Thanks. Great.

Goodnight children, everywhere.


KAZ said...

Yeah - Glad you love Lucy too.
That should save me from a Boz meaningful glare.

LaLa said...

I am with you, a choreographed world should look like that.

That Horlicks site makes me want to sleep.

orange anubis said...

I work in catalogues, for my sins - am thoroughly sick of Christmas now as we've been mucking about with pictures of trees and decorations for the last couple of months. Just as the ads arrive on telly, that's when I'm ready to forget all about it for another year!

LaLa said...

Just a quick update... I cruised past David Jones today, a major department store in Sydney, and they their Christmas windows done and full on carolling. The homeless dude outside looked particularly underwhelmed.

Boz said...

No meaningful glares anywhere here today...

Lala: Cheers for the international update! We should compile some kind of flash website. Countries could turn a relevant hue of red when they have officially 'gone Christmas'.

OA: Ouch. I sympathise. Maybe the way forward is to focus on New Year's eve..?