Monday, November 13, 2006

Coming out of the stationery cupboard

Secretly, I quite like filing.

It's one of the least stressful sections of my job, and if there's time to do it, then generally that means there is no looming deadline, no constant squeal of the telephone, no urgent semi-panic on.

Unless I'm just in denial.

Plus I'm a stationery freak. I love pencils. Neat packs of marker pens. Blank notebooks full of marvellous potential. Carefully labelled dividers. The moment the ink sinks softly from the pen, into the quiet absorbancy of the paper.... uugghhhhhhh.

Today seems to be one of those days in the office when, by general and unspoken consensus, everyone is having 'a bit of a quiet one'. This must be contributing to my mood, because I'm feeling a bit... well, it's too early to be Christmassy, so lets say Winter-esque.

Every year I create a mix tape/CD/iTunes playlist (times - they have a changed!) with a wintery feel, and I reckon it's a good time to start the 2006 one.

Any suggestions..? If so - I'll let you know what final tracklisting I decide on.


Old Cheeser said...

Some suggestions for your Xmas CD mix (although based on some of my tastes!):

It May Be Winter Outside (But in my Heart It's Spring) - Love Unlimited

Winter Melody - Donna Summer

December Will Be Magic Again - Kate Bush

Happy New Year - ABBA

Pogues and Kirsty MacColl - Fairy Tale of New York

Ok, not that expansive, but a few goodies anyway. Take your pick.

Also there is an excellent Phil Spector album with lots of Motown-ey type bands on it, doing some groovy renditions of Xmas songs - "A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector".You can find it on Amazon or websites like that.

Gareth said...

I've been listening to lots of ballads recently, being in the snuggly wintery mood also, though I have no particular suggestions.

I still wish to see the playlist though.


LaLa said...

Phwoar, I lust after and ADORE stationery.

Paperchase has to be one of my favourite stores in the world. Do you think the staff there suffer from a lot of papercuts?

I once did a temp job in the filing room for Price Waterhouse Cooper and after 3 days had 43 paper cuts and 2 staple tears on my hands. It was truly horrible.

"Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)" - U2

Boz said...

All suggestions very gratefully received! More please, BBC!

I am working ont he tracklisting...