Thursday, November 16, 2006

Get the heck out of here!

Well. I've alphabetised my blogroll list* (sorry Zefrog). For some reason this has made me enormously happy.

I've added a few new ones in too. Go on. Give them a little click. They are all more interesting, wittier and better written blogs than this one, and very worth a visit or several. So get surfing!

Well? What are you waiting for!? GO. Mrs Slocombe has heard the news, and she's telling everyone....

* It's been a difficult week....


Old Cheeser said...

Does this mean Mrs Slocombe has found a blog called "Confessions of my pussy"? Or perhaps written a similarly-titled one herself?

Gareth said...

I'd read that!

Something that's always been bothering me: Was it a range of wigs, or her own hair that was always being dyed? Or perhaps the one wig that they kept dying?

Gareth said...

P.S. You were asking about blogbeta... well that alphabetises them for you.

Doris said...

Gareth - according to t'internet "in the earlier years Sugden's hair was bleached and redyed for each episode; later on she wore wigs".

LaLa said...

What is it with old ladies that dye their hair funny colours?

I used to have a customer that had bright pink hair, very natural looking. If you are a hibiscus

Boz said...

Wow that must have killed her hair. I imagine heavy duty hair dying not being quite as sophisticated as it is now. Cor.

But true - what is about ol' madams and odd hair colour. Why does bright purple suddenly seem like a good idea when you hit seventy five..?

I have no idea whom I asking, so assume that's a thetorical question.

Cheeser: I absolutely hope so!

Annyone who hasn't seen Are You Being Served? must think we're insane...

Gareth said...

Thanks Doris!

I only worked out that the name Mrs Slocombe was an inuendo a few months ago. I'm not the only one though, right?

Old Cheeser said...

Oh my God Gareth - you're right! I never noticed. That must make me Mr Slo-on-the-uptake.

Zefrog said...

I don't know if I will ever be able to pardon you!

Hey, as my mate J. says: "Les derniers seront les premiers... "

I'll leave you to ponder that one ;O)

(aahh, sweet revenge!)

Boz said...

Gareth/Cheeser: Me either! hahaha!

Zefrog: Isn't that a Celine Dion song..?

D'abord le plus mauvais, deuxième le meilleur, troisième celui avec le coffre velu.

(I am shamed to admit I used Google for that - my French is sub-GCSE level. Although it got me around Morocco.)

LaLa said...

You really can google anything...

Wow. I never picked up on the innuendo in the name.

Gareth said...

Oh smashing, I'm not the only slow one.

Betty said...

I wonder if Mrs Slocombe used to dye her pussy strange colours as well?



... well, someone had to say it, didn't they?

Adrian said...

I love alphabetisation. It always puts me near the top.

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