Saturday, November 11, 2006

How to make Christmas even camper. Now with added vocals.

Everyone, it seems, is jumping on the Bond bandwagon.

It seems pretty obvious that Casino Royale is going to be 'a bit spesh'*, and probably one of the cooler Bond films in yonks. Ditching the reliance on clunky special effects. Hopefully losing some of the double entendres and replacing them with value-added coolness.

Bonusdoubleplus. And so the crowd follows.

For starters, Scissor Sisters have chosen to style their latest video with the look of a 007 credit sequnce.

Very good, very good.

See Land of a Thousand Words here.

Already we're bombarded with themed adverts for all the products oh-so-carefully endorsed in the film itself**, but - and here come the handclaps - only Marks & Spencer of all places has one of the orignal and best Bond ingredients for its Christmas campaign:


For give the shouting and multiple exclamation mark madness, but this is not just any James Bond tribute advert, this is the M&S James Bond tribute advert. You can picture the scene. It's 3am. The boardroom of the 'Creative Department' of the M&S ad agency. Tension is mounting, like a string section from a Hitchcock film. When suddenly, from a dark, smoke-filled corner: "Get me The Bassey's agent! IT! SHALL! HAPPEN!!"

I'm sure they would have settled on Charlotte Church. From The Valleys With Love.

See the ad here, in all its silly glory, From YouTube With Love***:

She doesn't get winched up out of the stage as her entrance, but she should, dammit. And what is that she's singing.. nooo... they can't have got her to cover a PINK song, can they....??!!

Quite ironic really, that as there are several very real conflicts going on out there, right at this very moment, that the Western world has a very active part in, we are choosing to lose ourselves in a bit of fantasy spywork. But spys are just double-hard bastards and coooool, right??

Alright. not always... well. it's Bond. He's back. And it's only a bit of fun. I've got my Casino Royale ticket. Yay!!!

Now, MoneyPenny, bring me the microfilm recovered from the body of spy working at the Ambassador's office and put the kettle would you, pet? Could murder a brew.... no...?

* as opposed to SMERSH. Aha. Oh wait. They've cut that out. Okay then. Carry on.
** Vodka. Watches. Cars. What I want to know is where he got those swimming togs from.
***Stop this. Now. Serious...


orange anubis said...

That M & S advert is a thing of glory and no mistaking!

Gareth said...

I fucking love it too. I'm even over my hatred of that smug Erin monster, learning to label her as "fabulous" and get on with it.

The best part is the fact that Bassy's dress is the new M&S type that holds a ladies unsightly bumps in.

Boz, are you a member of There's a thread dedicated to the M&S ads on the messageboards that might appeal to you.

Hedgie said...

Thanks for sharing this! ~ I don't seem to watch tv so much any more so might have missed it!

Boz said...

I'm not a member of - but I fear becoming so would remove the last iota of waking time I use productively. Oh dear. How tempting.

The big question is, of course, does this mean M&S is no longer the dead-in-water retailer we alll thought? Hmm?