Thursday, November 09, 2006

In your face, Rumsfeld!

No long political posts here. But what good news.

Excuse me while I take time out to eyeball the members of the UK cabinet with a Meaningful Glare, waving a copy of the day's papers and mumbling in a vaguely threatening manner...

Talking of people no longer in positions of power, the blogosphere has already renamed Kevin Federline, aka K-Fed, as Fed-Ex. Hahahahaha!

Oh it's wrong to laugh at any kind of marriage breakdown obviously. But, was it me or did everything have a hunch it was just a matter of time?

Did I actually just go from the international politics to Britney's divorce?

By Crikey, I think I did.


Gareth said...

I did the same thing earlier! Though of course I'm not being so flippant as to place as much importance on American politics as I do on Britney's marriage. Long live the Spears!

And I so hope that Hilary C is the next Pres. It'd be so cool to have one in killer lipstick and slingbacks.

Boz said...

Can you imagine Condi and Hils slugging it out for the Presidency?

That is a fight I would not like to get caught in the middle of..